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Mafia adda is an eSports tournament platform.


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Mafia adda is an eSports tournament platform where there are daily matches conducted for games such as BGMI, Call of Duty, Free Fire etc.mafia adda works with a vision to have a platform where gamers can compete, share content & win prizes.

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Mafia adda aims to enhance the experience of gamers and provide them with a single platform to maintain their gaming stats. Founded by fellow gamers & young entrepreneurs,mafia adda is constantly working towards the growth of eSports industry in India. Mafia adda Is only one platform of player which held the tournament in low commission

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About Mafia Adda

Not just any other fantasy gaming app.Mafia Adda is the place to be for real hardcore gamers. Still struggling with judgement and attention to details!? We’ve got you. Mafia adda is a smart multi-gaming fantasy sport platform with an edge. We promise assured rewards with reduced manual effort. We always change the game.

Mafia Adda began its journey seeing the pain points of fantasy game lovers. Too much brainstorming for no assured reward leaves the user hopeless for the most part. Also, with mushrooming and overboarded similar apps to choose from and too much competition on the big fish apps – players are disoriented. Mafia adda comes at their rescue! Its not just any other app! We have been there! And we definitely know what a real gamer set his heart on. Mafia adda is just that piece of bite.

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We stand for powering the most immersive gaming experiences on the planet. We believe “play” is too weak a word to describe what gamers do. Their passion for the game makes the world within as real as the world outside. We believe technology’s role is to get them immersed as deeply as possible. We promise to develop partnership and create communities that get player closer and deeper into the games they love.